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The zone diet (I).What is the zone ?.

The zone diet is one of the nourishment suggestions that we find when we want to improve our diet.

The model was created by Barry Sears, in the United States, who believes in it more than a diet as a lifestyle,  so it  could be a way of feeding ourselves permanently.

At the begining, it was used with olimpic swimmers, and then it was  in fashion among some Hollywood stars, and it is currently a choice to drive our nourishment.

The main characteristic of the zone diet is that it organises diet due to the influence that food has on the metabolism, more than the number of calories.

What is the zone diet ?: The diet aim is to reach and keep a metabolic state ,  whta it is called ” to be on the zone “, in what the body and mind work with the highest efficience. The health improves and we would be in a wellness state.

The organism activates and get the fat that it is difficult ” to burn “, at the same time we improve our mind, attention and concentration.

The zone is got with the two hormones that control the concentration of glucose in blood: the insulin and the glucagon.

This state could  be reached as well with physical training. After a nice activity we have a fresh feeling, comfort, etc that is suitable for the zone. But we cannot keep on this state son long.

The author thinks that if we balance our nourishment with some rules, we can also get this state,  so if we pay attention to our feeding, we could saty in the zone all day.

The best benefits to our metabolism is when we can stay the longest time or nearer in the zone.

This diet has detractors. It happens the risk of having a lot of fat and cholesterolif we abuse of animal protein. It is very important to know that proteins must be low and, as possible, with vegetal origin.

A big amount of proteins makes  liver and kidneys to work in excess, this can bring some diseases in a long term .

There are experts that think that it is essential to get carbon hydrates in  more intense sport activities.

During next chapters, we are analysing the body processes in what this dietetic model is based…

We will continue …


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