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The training of the biceps (I): The flexion of the elbow

The training of the biceps (I): The flexion of the elbow

When we train the force in the gyms, we usually say that the biceps will work, when we want to train the flexion from the arm to level of the elbow.

We find more comfortable to identify this movement naming him with the name of the strongest muscle that intervenes in this action (the brachial biceps).

But in the flexion of the elbow more muscles intervene, and for that reason it would not be very correct to denominate this way it.

Here we will call each thing for their name for not tying us, because we will mention as much the muscle as the action, and we can make a mistake.

And it is that we want to analyze the characteristics and factors that influence in this movement, a little to define the possibilities of training and the methodology to develop it in a more complete way.

The flexion of the elbow is the movement with which we can bring near the faces previous of the arm and of the forearm, and with it the hand to the shoulder.

This action can be carried out bringing near the forearm regarding the arm (to lift a weight), or vice versa (dominated hung of a bar, in which we bring near the body to the hands).

The flexion of the elbow takes place for before this, and this lever they carry out it hence, the muscles flexors that are located in the part previous of the arm.

In next chapters we will speak of the muscles implied in the action.

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