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The test of launching of medicinal ball (I): Importance of the launchings

The test of launching of medicinal ball (I): Importance of the launchings

The launchings represent a branch of very interesting exercises to develop the explosive force and the coordination of movements.

If we go back in the old history, we find them inside the military training, since the old towns used the lances for the combat.

In the olympic  games of old Greece they figure certain launching specialties inside their olympic calendar, and at the present time, the athletics grants to this type of tests a great importance with four types of launchings:  weight, disk, javelin and hammer.

In education, the launchings are considered some very important exercises for the development motor of the children, for their utility for the development of the boy’s general coordination and of their explosive force, for their great dynamism and for not stimulating the muscular development, and they are introduced by means of games and sports.

For the valuation of the physical condition it is frequently used the test of launching of medicinal ball, to measure the explosive force of the superior train. It is even included in the physical tests of certain type of concurses, as those of police, to determine the level of the applicants’ explosivity.

In this context, the precise launching of medicinal ball needs a technique model  that to try to come closer, so that the applicant can reach the maximum yield, in the same way that it has been made with the other launching types.

In the next chapters, we will try to expose the elements that can benefit in the practice of this type of launchings, so that the sportsman gets a technique that is him of utility.

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