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The stiffnesses (II): what produced them.

The stiffnesses (II): what produced them.

We have been said that stiffnesses appeare when we do an exhaustive effort and we gather lactic acid in our muscles.This acid would crystallize and go in our muscle.

We have been also said that if strechting out, jogging smoothly and drinking lemonade  with sugar, we can get ready for them, but the truth is that we cannot prevent them from appearing.It is said that we could remove lactic acid in the muscle,but, in fact, the lactic acid is not the real cause of stiffnesses.

Stiffnesses appeare when we do new movements because we don´t coordinate them properly and we apply more strenght than we need, what means an agression for the muscle fibres.

If we had a long period of time without training,we would also lose our coordination and, later, we need to recover this coordination , so it is probably that stiffnesses return again.

When we repeat one movement a couple of days more, we improve the way of doing it, so the muscles would work with the proper muscle tension and we won´t notice any stiffnesses again.

If stiffnesses finally happen, you shouldn´t give up training, although it is very painful, so the body fit the effort and they would dissapeare if we spread training.

Movements that involve the muscle with tension and difficulty would be what stop the weight body in a controlled way or a weight, etc.

These movements are called eccentric and their first characteristic would be that muscles are enlarged during the tension.Deadening a fall after a jump or controlling the slope of a weight, these would be examples of eccentric movements.

Exercises would turn into a strength movement ( who has never wanted to touch his feet with strechted  kness, feeling that the muscles of the back thigh are as hard as nails and we make an effort to get them, what a pain ! ).What we are doing, in most of the cases, is trying to set the enlargement of a muscle that is not relaxed yet.

Quick and violent movements gather a lot of tension and they are  difficult to coordinate ( even more because you have to stop them ), what turn them into risk elements in order to feel stiffnesses.

Next time, we will explain about how prevent stiffnesses from happening…

F. Javier Molano

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