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The seated posture (I): Importance of the daily gestures

The seated posture (I): Importance of the daily gestures

The urban life is characterized by a nervous high stress and for a movement lack and physical activity that atrophies our motive capacities.

The lack of physical condition makes that the musculature postural weakens and it is tensed, affecting to our spine, and in consequence to our capacity to move, what deteriorates our quality of life.

On the other hand, in our daily life we unwrap ourselves with a very reduced number of expressions: walking, sitting down, lying down, lifting weights, climbing stairs. They are the expressions with those that we solve the almost whole practices  of our daily problems.

If these expressions are carried out in an appropriate way, we will make our easier life, practice and comfortable.

On the other hand, if these expressions are developed in a faulty way, we won’t only be more tired and upset, but rather we will contribute to develop body  and articular problems as well as column lesions.

It is very important for the care of our health that we learn how to move with effectiveness, including the correct learning of all these expressions, to prevent lesions.

We will begin an analysis of these activities, looking for the formulas that we consider more appropriate to carry out these movements and postures.

With the knowledge of how to carry out them, and putting some attention, we can incorporate these rules day by day .

In a half term of time the benefits can be perceived: Less fatigue, less tension, less pains, more fluity, more desires of making things and a more comfortable life and  happiness.

We will continue

F. Javier Molano

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