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The seated (II) posture: General aspects

The seated (II) posture: General aspects

The position of having sat down is especially a posture that is used a lot throughout the day, specially among people that work in offices.

Seated we have more stability than being standing. The balance in general terms depends on the existent relationship between the base and the height.

If we are seated we increase the base because we offer more support surface to the floor and on the other hand, we have less height than of foot, with the result that our balance and stability is bigger.

When existing more support and to have more stability, less energy expense takes place in maintaining the posture, with the result that we consider it like a posture of rest and let us spread to relax ourselves in it.

However, if we relax excessively when sitting down, we can take place posture problems and column lesions because the seated posture is unnatural.

The spine in its intent of maintaining the stability of the posture needs to vary the muscular work, and the position in which supports the weight of the body.

The position of the hip is forced and of the spine, when wanting to form the right angle that one needs between the legs and the trunk, and when discharging the weight of the body toward the support, the pressure of the disks increases in the lumbar area.

If we want to analyze the best way to sit down, we have to study the factors that intervene in:
– The support.
– The position of the spine.

In a next chapter we will treat the question of the support.

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