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The rise of loads (I): Importance in the everyday life

In the cultural tradition of certain regions, games are included within the certain celebrations, in which they competed with respect to a number of activities which they comprised of the way of life of the region.

The people of the town measured forces (and in to some cases she continues it doing) in activities that they had very trained.

Between these activities we have been a wide range of activities, almost always tied with the way of life of the zone, as they can be the cut of trunks, launching of objects, and among others many the rise of heavy objects (stones, etc).

And it is that the rise of loads is one of the most habitual activities in our everyday life. From the professional who dedicates  to move objects, for that the rise is a gesture that is repeated during hours throughout the day, until the person that in his house and he must raise some box, or simply to crouch itself to take a paper of the ground, all we must raise objects in our day to day.

We are going to include in this section crouching to take objects without weight of the ground because the mechanics of the movement is the same and the injuries that can be produced are of the same nature.

The rise of loads finds in the weight-lifting its expression in the form of sport. In the weight-lifting one looks for to raise the maximum possible weight from the ground to taking it over the head.

The competitions are divided in categories of weight, sex and age, as well as in different exercises from rise.

The weight-lifting requires the maximum development of the force and to dominate a technique serves that to remove us the maximum advantage from the movements, as well as not to injure to us.

The weight-lifting has become, in addition, in means to develop the force for other sports, of course, adapting the loads.

The movements of extension of combined legs and vertebral column are fundamental to improve in the scope of the jumps, races, displacements, rises of weights and maintenance of the vertical position, and for that reason the weight-lifting exercises are used to improve the power in many sports.

In the same way that the weight-lifting has application for other many activities, the gesture to raise objects becomes an essential movement to improve our ability and capacity to realise daily movements (to raise stairs, to run to take the bus, to take suitcases, etc).

That is to say, one becomes means of essential training for our day to day, reason why it would be quite interesting to include it in our plans of training.

In next chapters, we will shell the subject progressively, beginning by the fundamental precautions.


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