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The reaction (I) speed: What is it?which their importance is?

The reaction (I) speed: What is it?which their importance is?

The reaction speed is the capacity to give answer to a stimulus. It is not necessary to confuse it with the speed of movements.

The speed of movements  represents the speed with which we are able to move. It can be of many types, but it always implies muscular actions.

On the other hand, the reaction speed is a capacity that depends totally on the nervous system, without necessity of implying to the musculature.

It represents the capacity of our nervous system to receive a stimulus, to identify it, to decide if it was necessary and to send an answer to the musculature to respond.

In all the sports and activities appear the two forms. The speedy movements never appear spontaneously, they always represent the reaction before something.

In some cases it is about measuring the speed. In these cases, the sportsman has to react before a stimulus that marks the beginning of the timing.

In the case of the career of 100 flat meters, the reaction speed marks the time that lapses from the exit shot until the athlete begins the movement, and the speed of movements will determine the time that is invested in running the distance since it begins the movement until it arrives to goal.

There are other sports, as the fight, the collective sports, racket sports, etc., in those that the speed is manifested like a quick answer to changing situations.

The boxer reacts with one it avoids quick to the attack of the contrary one, the football porter jumps to clear a ball that he goes toward his goal, etc.

The speed of movements never appears in an isolated way in the sport mark, neither in the daily life. And it is that the apparent speed the speed with which we adapt to a situation or we solve a problem.

Of there that to improve the speed in some concrete activity, it is necessary to train the speed of movements so much, as the reaction speed.

And it is that of anything it serves to the sprinter to run very quick or to the boxer the very quick being, because if he doesn’t react quick, it will insert all the blows.

In a next chapter we will speak of the reflections that are the quickest answers that the human being can give .

We will continue …

F. Javier Molano

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