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The phosphorus (I): Work main

The phosphorus (I): Work main

It is the second more abundant element in the organism after the calcium. It is not metallic as it could be it the iron, the zinc, the copper, etc. Also, it is insoluble in water.

Work main:

The main function of the match in the human body is the one of combining with the calcium to form calcic phosphate that is the essential element to constitute bones and the teeth.

The match and the calcium are in same proportion in the organism, in such a way that the abundance or the lack of one affect to the absorption of the other one.

Usually, there are not problems to ingest the minimum quantities of match (that this present in most of the foods that we consume).

Rather, the problem has it with the excess that match that takes place that will hinder the absorption of the calcium that will be more difficult of getting.

The relationship among these 2 minerals is regulated by the hormone parathyroids.

Almost the whole match of the organism is dedicated for this function. For that reason, the bone is the biggest reservation of calcium and of match in the human body.

The match is also present in the cell, when uniting with molecules of fat to form phospholipids that intervene in the formation of the DNA and of the cellular membranes.

In this sense, the match is essential for the growth, when participating actively in the division of the cells.

We will continue with the topic.

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