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The throwings (I): General characteristics

The throwings are movements that try to add all the motive resources that the sportsman can develop, to apply the maximum impulse possible to an object and to send it to it as far as possible.

In the throwings an area exists for that reason, in the one that the pitcher can generate this force, and a launching area, to where he has to direct the device.

These areas are defined by a narrow mark that indicates the place through which have to pass the object, and also the limit that the pitcher doesn’t have to overcome.

It would be quite dangerous that the device could leave in any address, mainly when in some launchings, quite considerable (in javelin the 100 meters are been about) distances are reached, to part that if a limit doesn’t exist for the pitcher, the measure points could not be clarified.

These two aspects mark the general norms of the throwings. Not to spend of the limit and being able to direct the object toward where we want.

These norms tell us that the throwing is not a gross simple application of the force, and that we have a control and domain of this impulse.

Each one of the four throwing disciplines has some own characteristics that differentiate them.

The nature of the device forces to carry out a mechanics of different throwing, but all the throwings in its execution go by a series of phases.

These phases  are repeated in all the throwings and it is something that they have in common.

It will continue.


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