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The dietary fiber (II): Influence in the elimination of wastes

The body needs the fiber for the elimination of wastes. The fiber absorbs and retains liquid in more quantities to its own weight and this help to maintain the fecal loose matter, with less consistency.
The bigger it is the particle, the more capacity it has to retain water.

When increasing the volume of the wastes in the large intestine, they improve the peristaltism (movements that displace the foods for the bowels) and it hurries the step of the foods in the alimentary canal, what improves the elimination of solid wastes.

A correct operation impedes the constipation and it prevents the illnesses of the large intestine and of the rectum.

On one hand the diverticulosis that is characterized by the formation of small bags in the walls of the colon, when having to make muscular big efforts to expel the feces.

This problem is very bound to the constipation and it carries a weakness of the wall of the colon. The fiber intake prevents its appearance when softening and to favor the elimination.

Also the constipation when forcing the step of the feces, it can compress the hemorrhoidal veins, and to influence in their inflammation, giving cause to a problem of hemorrhoids that is one of the most annoying and painful ailments in this area.

On the other hand, it is impacted in the prevention of the colon cancer. The increase of volume allows to dilute the cancerigenic particles that could attack the walls of the cells.

On the other hand, to the circular one the quickest foods decrease the time of exhibition from these particles to the cells.

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