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The creatine (I): What is it?

The creatine (I): What is it?

The creatine is one of the supplements more used lately in the training for the development of the volume and of the muscular force.

It has been marketed their use and this is to the reach almost of any person. For that reason it is important to know this substance well, to avoid an arbitrary use that can end up to harm us.

As all the external helps, it is necessary to know as taking out it the maximum profit, and as avoiding possible contraindications.

The creatine is an organic element that is present in the muscular cells. Not it is an amino acid, but if a made up of nitrogen of the group amina that combines with the phosphorus to form the phosphocreatine.

The phosphocreatine allows to store energy in the muscle, and for its vicinity to the muscular cell assures the quick provision for the muscular contraction of high quantities of energy. For that reason it is necessary to execute and to prolong, the short efforts of high intensity.

In another moment, we will explain with more detail how it  obtains from the body the necessary energy to carry out physical efforts, but to be able to understand the function of the creatine in the organism we will expose a global vision.

The muscular alone cell can get the energy to carry out its work starting from a denominated element TAP, of great simplicity and that it is only formed by three phosphorus molecules that condense an energy  of great capacity in its links of union.

All the energy reservations of the body (hydrates of carbon, fatty, and even proteins) have to break down until arriving to the form of ATP to be able to be used by the muscular cell.

The way for which each one of these substances becomes TAP is different, and the time that they need to get energy, as well as the quantity given .

Certain deposits, as those of muscular glucose, are more accessible, for their proximity, and to have to suffer less decomposition to form TAP.

However,  fats and proteins have to come from more distant places and they need longer elaboration processes, for what we need more than thirty minutes, for example to begin to use deposits of fat in the exercise.

It will continue.

F. Javier Molano

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