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The breathing (II): Importance of the breathing 2

And it is that the breathing is considered as the portal in which becomes unified the body with the mind. Our emotional state affects to the breathing and with it to the state of our body, and to the inverse one, through the corporal work and the breathing we can end up controlling our mind before its wandering.

Our way to interpret the world makes that the events affect us in a certain way, what alters the way to breathe.

This situation one can make chronic, installing bad habits in the breathing and muscular tensions in the body that impede us a correct breathing and with her the expression of our maximum potentiality.

For that reason, the boy when being born breathes in a perfect way, since practically he has not received big influences of the environment.

With the step of the time, the boy goes modeling his personality and his way of breathing.

A derived current of the psychoanalysis, the bioenergetic, that  studies the repercussion of the character in the body, exists and like it prints its print in form of tensions and physical features, all them arisen of the alteration of the breathing.

According to the person learns how to be related with the world, it adapts the breathing according to these rules.

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