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The breathing (I): Importance of the breathing 1

The breathing (I): Importance of the breathing 1

The breathing is the first action that we carry out when being born, and the last that we make before dying. The breathing is the mechanism with which we carry out the exchange of gases with the exterior for the maintenance of the life.

To live we need to ingest periodically liquid and solid foods, to build our body and to regenerate the fabrics that go deteriorating.

But the breathing is a feeding that we have to maintain constant in all moment, to be able to continue alive.

We can live about fifty days without eating and not more than two or three without drinking, but without breathing we can die in about five minutes.

The data are symbolic and approximate to compare, but they cannot take like reference.

As essential activity for the life has an involuntary control, so that we don’t forget to carry out it (as the heart contraction, the digestion, etc), because we would put in our danger survival.

But contrary to the involuntary other activities, we can end up influencing in the way of carrying out it according to our will. If we want, we can change the rhythm and the breathing type that we carry out.

On the other hand, our emotions also alter the rhythm of our breathing (for example, like we collapse the breathing when they give us a fright).

We will continue

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