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The ankle sprain (I): The ligaments

The daily rise of loads does not require as much physical training conditions, unless we work with very heavy elements, but to know clearly certain concepts, to carry out it of a healthful way. In that sense, the ergonomics and the departments of labour risks have been dedicated to disclose advice not to injure to us with this movement. Taking certain precautions at the time of realising the movements the injury risk can be avoided, or be at least fallen. Very instinctively, when we are going to move an important weight, we concentrated ourselves enough, and we took more precautions, than when we crouched ourselves to take a paper of the ground and, nevertheless, also we can here be made damage, because we underestimated normally it, we do and it anyway, without taking care of the movement. For that reason, the first aspect to consider is the concentration, to know that we do at any moment. The gesture to incline and to straighten themselves, although is without moving weight,  can damage our back, reason why it is not necessary to clear importance to it. Whenever we are going to take something that is in the ground or a level inferior, we must try to bend  us to incline  forwards. This is first thing that we must remimd. If we inclined, the legs remain almost prim and the flexion of the trunk is realised inclining to us from the lumbar vertebrae that are the zone with more weak mobility and to yield at the time of “bending the back”. It will continue…

The ligaments are elements that  help us to hold the articulations to prevent them moving in addresses in those that doesn’t have to make it.

In the mobile articulations the bone doesn’t hold the contact area totally with the other bone to allow the displacement and this way is able to carry out the movements.

The most mobile articulations are at the same time the most unstable (that is to say, those that less subject they are) and this gives cause to that in the movements the articulations can be come out of their place.

To hold the articulations without impeding the mobility of the bones we have these reinforced with the ligaments that are tapes of fibrous fabric that fix in the addresses in those that it could separate the articulation.

They have very little elasticity or any, and this it is an essential aspect so that they can complete their function of limit of the movements.

It not only prevents that the articulation moves for non wanted addresses, but rather they limit to the width of the movements of the articulation to maintain them inside the physiologic limits.

In this sense the ligaments receive information of the brain to perceive and to control the movements.

The ligaments receive the sanguine watering what will benefit their regeneration.

They are more important in the articulations of more mobility, as the shoulder and the hip that can be mobilized in the three plans of the space for example.

It will continue


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