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Stiffnesses (III): How prevent them

Stiffnesses (III): How prevent them

The best thing for avoiding stiffnesses would be the begining of the exercise in a careful and progressive way, specially during the first weeks, when the body passes through the passivity to a moment when we usually do physical efforts.

We would have to do softer and more dinamic exercises , preventing you those movementes from doing more tension work  for the muscles (if the press ups are well done, you will probably have stiffnesses) or having to deaden heavy weights ( i.e. jump falls,weight slopes).

Exercises won´t be very difficult, specially if they would have big muscle tensions.

During the training,the warm-up would be very important to prepare the body to face up the next training. This will be done in a progressive way to prevent you from passing through passivity to big efforts.

The strech outs  (specially if we haven’t done them before) can produce some stiffnesses very painful and totally unknown !, if we don´t pay attention to the muscle loose. We shouldn´t have to strech out the muscle with strenght, neither the bounces.

If you pass the first weeks with success,this won´t mean that stiffnesses won´t happen. In fact,if we want to add some exercises with more tension work as we were talking during the last chapter ( i.e. velocity, withhelds,stops, jum falls…), it is probably that stiffnesses appear.

It is very important to know the level of exigence and articulate the new movements and  to value some possibilities, little by little, to the exercise that we want to do.

For example, a vertical jump shows two times, with a different muscle exigence: jump and fall.If the first day we do the jump with usual conditions, it will cause us stiffnesses, but if we jump to the floor to a bench, for example,we get rid of the fall weight, and we would be surprised because the jump won´t produce us so many stiffnesses.

So, we can use stiffnesses to check if our training is being progressive an healthy because stiffnesses would be the less serious injury that we can suffer.

If stiffnesses are very often, is is probably that we are training above our possibilities or lifting up weights very quickly with the risk of damage.

Next day, to close this chapter, we will talk about the ways of recovering from stiffnesses…

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