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Resistance exercises: To stand up beginning knocked down face up (II)

Resistance exercises: To stand up beginning knocked down face up (II)

What muscles do I work with this exercise? With this exercise you will work the musculature of the whole body. The abdominal ones begin the movement working to incorporate the trunk toward before, speeding up the operation with a flexion and elevation of the knees that  makes the abdominal easiest work and we continue the impulse toward before with the collaboration of the musculature that extends the arms  ( dorsals and triceps) to load the weight of the body on the plants of the feet.

From this position the legs work intensely to stand up from the position of squatting by means of the work of the cuadriceps and the gluteal muscles.

More agility! This movement can be speeded up using the technique of the falls back that it is used in some martial arts as  judo or the aikido. This way the movement is much more dynamic and quicker, and it seems that muscularly you work less because it  takes advantage much more the impulse, but the certain thing is that it becomes more exhausting.

Make it a little harder! The exercise becomes more intense if we put an end the extension of the legs to a jump up and a clap above the head. This way we guarantee that the body extends totally in the vertical position and we don’t make trap lowering before straightening out totally again.

Work the two sides! Usually when you incorporate and you help yourself of the hands to put on in squatting, you will push more on one hand that for other, since the abdominal impulse and your same flexibility are not enough to end up supporting the two hands in the floor.

When you win agility, the impulse toward before  will allow to spend to squatting almost without help of the hands, but until that moment arrives, try to load the weight alternatingly on each hand.

In a next chapter, we will begin to speak about the interval training, some of the main methods for the development of the resistance.

F. Javier Molano

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