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Periostitis (I): Symptoms and causes.

Periostitis is one of the most popular wounds  in the running world.
Periostitis ( periost-itis ) is the periostio swelling, this is a tissue that splits the bone to the muscle. It affects the shin that is set in the lower tibia.

The symptom is a vague pain, with nuisance and swelling in the lower inner shin. The pain just occurs running or jumping, disappearing when we keep still. The most common thing is that this pain appeares in both legs, although it can appear in just one of them.

Perostitis appeares because an excess of shin working during the races and the jumps.Absorbing the falls in jumps and step races, the calf muscles compress the perisotio against the bone,and if we abuse of these activities, it can cause tissue irritation.

Other cause would be the excessive breeding in the calf muscles ( calf muscles, shins, perineos ), they help to compress the periostio with the bone.

A fortuituos blow in the shin can damage the zone and cause periostitis.

The usual situation, in the runner specific case, is that periostitis appeares, as we have said before, caused by the foot impacts with the floor. These produce an effort and tension that shins must absorb. The impacts against the floor will be more violent in themselves :

– We run on the road.
-We use hard sole shoes.
-We have a footstep when we run in a defectuous way ( high arch feet – pes cavus -,plane feet, etc ).
-We have an overweight.
-We have a working excess during the races or the jumps.
-We vary suddenly any of the  previous situations .

Periostitis, as the rest of the wounds,  can be seen as a signal when we are training more than other times.

During the next chapter,we will look for more resorts to avoid their appereance, or , in other words,resorts to train in a more accurate way.


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