The training of the biceps (III): Implied muscles 2

brachial previous
– Brachial previous: It is a muscle of very short distance, from the mean of the arm, until the elbow, being connected in the ulna. It is a direct flexor of the elbow that can shrink a lot, because it has a lot of muscle and little tendon. With the arm bended and the palm looking down you can notice it with easiness.

– Long Supinador or braquioradial: It is a muscle that undoes any forearm (it will be seen later on) rotation, to place it in their intermediate (that in which the thumb is guided to the mean) position.

This muscle is born in the arm almost to the height of the elbow and in its external part, until the forearm, in the radio almost until the wrist, in the part from the oneĀ  would be prolonged in the thumb.

It is appreciated with the arm bended and the thumb in the intermediate (looking up) position, as an it stands out muscular that is prolonged until the thumb in the forearm.

– Superficial flexors of the forearm: They are long muscles that are born in the inferior part of the humerus (bone of the arm), and that they cross the forearm to notice the bones of the hand and of the fingers, for they unite more than an articulation.

We will continue speaking of the importance of these muscles superficial flexors, and of the deep ones.

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