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The different movements exercises(fiscal years) and movements that are going to help to train the different muscles and joints of the human body.

Resistance exercises: To stand up beginning knocked down face up (II)

What muscles do I work with this exercise? With this exercise you will work the musculature of the whole body. The abdominal ones begin the movement working to incorporate the trunk toward before, speeding up the operation with a flexion and elevation of the knees that  makes the abdominal easiest work and we continue the impulse toward before with the collaboration of the musculature that extends the arms  ( dorsals and triceps) to load the weight of the body on the plants of the feet.

From this position the legs work intensely to stand up from the position of squatting by means of the work of the cuadriceps and the gluteal muscles.

More agility! This movement can be speeded up using the technique of the falls back that it is used in some martial arts as  judo or the aikido. This way the movement is much more dynamic and quicker, and it seems that muscularly you work less because it  takes advantage much more the impulse, but the certain thing is that it becomes more exhausting.

Make it a little harder! The exercise becomes more intense if we put an end the extension of the legs to a jump up and a clap above the head. This way we guarantee that the body extends totally in the vertical position and we don’t make trap lowering before straightening out totally again.

Work the two sides! Usually when you incorporate and you help yourself of the hands to put on in squatting, you will push more on one hand that for other, since the abdominal impulse and your same flexibility are not enough to end up supporting the two hands in the floor.

When you win agility, the impulse toward before  will allow to spend to squatting almost without help of the hands, but until that moment arrives, try to load the weight alternatingly on each hand.

In a next chapter, we will begin to speak about the interval training, some of the main methods for the development of the resistance.

Pull arms in suspension (I): What are they and what do they serve for?

In sport language it is denominated “hack squat” to the flexion of arms, in suspension, hung of a bar, stairway, or place where to be held with the hands.

With this movement we elevate the body from a lower (the arms begin extended) point, until playing with the chin or the chest the bar (the arms finish bended and hit to the trunk).

The one dominated the most potent exercise to develop the musculature of the wide number, and it contributes muscular more benefits than the poles with high pulley.

Both exercises are seemed as for the movement, but the one dominated is working with the weight of the body, with what the muscular work is bigger.

These exercises, in those that the body moves regarding a fixed point are considered of closed chain. However, the poles with pulley would be movements in open chain, because an external load moves regarding the body that stays fixed in all moment.


This exercise is directly related with the practice of it climbs her, with the result that it is exercise of fundamental training for climbers and opponents that have to climb for a rope (the firemen’s case).

As exercise that develops all the muscles flexors strongly, it is very beneficial for fighters whose specialty depends on holding on to or take to the rival (judo, canarian fight, etc ).

The sports in those that influences a strong development of the numbers, like in the case the javelin pitchers, it also admits the work of hack squats, but always in phases very far from the competition, since the characteristics of the movement don’t look like each other a lot and they can end up harming.

In the daily life, a strong back is a guarantee of health, they decrease the pains in the high back and the shoulders that are very related with many hours to happen sat down in office works and study.

In a next chapter we will continue explaining that musculature is the one that intervenes in this exercise.

We will continue …

Resistance exercises: To stand up beginning knocked facing up (I)

Do you want to put on approval your resistance? The following movement can look like each other very simple and not very sophisticated, but if you prove it you will realize in few repetitions that you are fighting with an enemy of importance.

Neither material, neither  space! It has the advantage that doesn’t require more material than a floor of trust (not very hard) and the necessary space to lie down completely extended.

Make sure a good ventilation! If you make it at home , triy to open the windows so that among the enough oxygen and to evacuate the concentration of heat and perspiration because the room can transform into a boiler in very little time, for that reason we recommend you that you practice it in open (a park for example) spaces.

It is a great resistance work! With this exercise your body has to pass from the inferior (level with floor) space to the superior and this supposes a great work to the heart that only being still already mark 14 pulsations of difference among both positions.

This effort multiplies because it is necessary to mobilize the musculature of all the parts of the body and in a very dynamic way to connect the movements what forces to the heart to work in a very demanding way.

Ok, very well, and what is  the exercise? The movement  begins with your body knocked facing up with the arms aligned next to the body or above the head. From this position we elevate the trunk towards before and we bend the legs to try to put on in squatting for what we can help ourselves with the hands, and from there we stand up.

Next week we will count you something more about this movement.